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Mandatory Notification of trade

Board member G. A. Perrucci and Eksportconsult AS, controlled by chairman Mårten Rød, have today closed a forward contract for 150'000 shares each at a strike price of NOK 50.14, earlier noted 06.11.07. They have also sold 100'000 shares at NOK 31.0 to renew a forward contract for 250'000 shares each. New strike price for the forward contract is NOK 31.88 with expire on 22.08.08. G. A. Perrucci owns or controls 1'285'000 shares, which is equivalent to 5.9 % of total shares. Eksportconsult AS owns or controls 5,425,000 shares, which is equivalent to 24.8 % of total shares.

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