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Production update April 2008

The average production in April 2008, compared to the average production in March 2008, was:
Production*                April 2008                  March 2008
Peru                            2'862                          2'800 
Colombia                    1'655                          1'687 
Total                           4'517                          4'487 
*The production is average daily production (bopd) and is working interest before royalty
Our Peruvian production facilities in Block III and IV, which was hit by heavy rain fall and flooding during March and February, had some minor production decrease in the beginning of April, but is now back in normal production. Our team in Peru has worked intense to reduce the effect of the flooding and get the production back to normal and has now a good track of the situation. The Blocks are located in a desert environment and this type of rainfall happens very seldom, in average every ten year.

InterOil has also in Colombia experienced bad weather and some minor technical problems during April. Our team in Colombia is resolving the problems as we speak.
InterOil has drilled to shallow wells in Block IV in Peru during April. The wells are still in the testing phase and we will see the result probably during the next couple of weeks. There has not been drilled any new wells in Colombia during 2008.
Oil has been sold at average record sales price of USD 105.17 in Peru and USD 101.77 in Colombia per barrel during April, to be compared with the average price during 2007 of USD 70.42 in Peru and USD 65.75 in Colombia.
As previously noted InterOil has selected several wells in both Colombia and Peru for special fracturing. The fracturing of these wells in Colombia will take place during May, and we are confident that the result will contribute to a very positive production increase in the months to come.
InterOil will in addition to EOR and fracturing drill another 2 new wells in Peru during Q2 2008. As previously noted we have now finally signed an agreement with the local community to drill wells classified as exploration wells with the aim to test the high potential area in the southern part of Block III, next to the Olympic Block. Rig has been secured and drilling will start mid May 2008. Wells drilled by Olympic in this area during 2007 shows good production rates with an average daily production of 300 bbl per well. If successful, more wells will be drilled in this particular area. The other 2 wells will be drilled as infill production wells in Block IV. Both Blocks are operated by InterOil with a working interest of 100%.
InterOil plans also to start the drilling campaign in Colombia during the last week of May. To optimize the drilling and reduce cost, the 3 deep and 8 shallow wells will be drilled at the same time, using two rigs.
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InterOil Exploration & Production ASA is a Norwegian based exploration and production company - listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange - with focus on Latin-America and West-Africa. The company is operator of several production and exploration assets in Peru and Colombia, and is an active license partner in Angola and Ghana. InterOil currently employs approximately 200 people and is headquartered in Oslo.

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