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Company update (COR-6 licence)

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Further to our announcement on 26 May 2016, a conciliation meeting was yesterday held with the Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos ("ANH") to consider the extrajudicial conciliation petition filed by the company in respect of the COR-6 situation.

The company is pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with the ANH, subject to Attorney General confirmation and court approval, to transfer the COR-6 exploration commitments of USD 22 million to the Altair and LLA-47 licences also held by the company.

The commitments include:

1) High density geochemical sampling of 30,000 surface points to be completed by March 2017 with 10,000 samples (80 km²) to be taken on Altair and 20,000 samples (447 km²) on LLA-47.

2) Drilling of 1 stratigraphic well on the Altair licence to be completed by April 2018.

3) Drilling of 2 exploratory wells on the Altair licence to be completed by April 2018.

The company is required to initially increase the guarantees on the Altair and LLA-47 licences by USD 1,5 million and USD 1,4 million respectively consistent with these additional commitments.

We are very pleased that a solution acceptable to both parties has been reached.



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