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Production report for September 2021

Oslo, 13 October 2021

Below please find average gross operated production in September 2021 and corresponding numbers for August 2021.

IOX operated        September 2021August 2021
 Boepd(1)Bopd (2)Boepd(1)Bopd (2)
Argentina (3)2,2474312,171344

(1)   Barrels of oil equivalents per day
(2)   Barrels of oil per day
(3)   Operated by Selva Maria Oil on behalf of IOX until local authorities approve operator’s licence.


In September, average daily production was 2,994 barrels of oil equivalents per day (boepd), compared to 2,979 boepd in August for Argentina and Colombia combined.

In Argentina, there has been a significant increase in oil production due to the opening of shut-in oil wells, boosting oil output by around 25 percent compared to the previous month. On the gas production side production was stable but affected by technical problem related with gas compression spare-parts; a situation affected with the pandemic COVID-19 restrictions imposed by local authorities.

In Mata Magallanes Oeste (MMO), besides Covid-19 restrictions delaying the specialist’s arrival to the operations, environmental remedial actions are in place in MMO-27 to remove around 200 cubic meters of top-soil affected with an oil spray of around 20 litres.

In Colombia, Interoil has made significant progress with local communities in the Puli C area aimed at granting their consent prior to the mobilization of a pulling unit to repair oil and gas producing wells that are currently shut-in waiting to change broken downhole production parts. Interoil expects this unit to arrive at the site later this month.

In the Llanos area, Interoil continues with a stable production in Vikingo. Start of the drilling campaign of exploration wells in the Altair and LLA-47 blocks remains on hold and pending approval from the related authorities.

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