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Corporate governance

Interoil’s corporate governance principles are aimed at contributing to value creation over time, benefitting shareholders as well as other stakeholders. As an international exploration and production company, Interoil aims at conducting its business in an economically efficient, socially responsible, and environmentally acceptable way.

The corporate governance principles are based on the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance (the “Code of Practice”), dated 17 October 2019 and issued by the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (“NUES”). The recommendation from NUES can be found at:

Interoil’s Board of Directors strongly believes sound principles for corporate governance are an important prerequisite for building trust between the Company and its stakeholders and securing shareholder value. Owners, investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders should be confident that Interoil’s business activities are characterized by reliability, control, transparency, and high environmental and ethical standards.

Interoil will in all material aspects follow the Code of Practice and report the Company’s corporate governance in the annual report. Any deviations from the Code of Practice will be explained in the report.

Read more about corporate governance in Interoil in the company’s most recent annual report which is available here.

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